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We welcome to our network residents, business representatives and professionals who are concerned for the wellbeing of Monteverde in general. We invite you to contact us for more information on how you can become an affiliate of the MCF, whether that's as an internal member of our association or as an official collaborator in one of our external programs.

Butterfly Garden

Bryna belisle, co-owner

Bryna Belisle, Co-Owner

"Insects are also part of our community"

Bryna Belisle is the co-owner of the Monteverde Butterfly Garden. This garden is an educational center about insects that was founded 25 years ago, but Bryna and her husband bought it 3.5 years ago. They do many things for sustainability, like using solar panels.

They have collaborated with the Monteverde Community Fund since 3 years ago and participate in the Sustainability and Philanthropy Fair. They like to collaborate with the MCF because they have the same ideas, they are interested in the projects, and they want to work together with the community for a better future.

Tel. 2645-5512

Dev Joslin

Dev joslin, member of the mcf

Dev Joslin, member of the MCF

"I have confidence in the Monteverde Community Fund"

John “Dev” Joslin has a doctorate in forest sciences and has been a member of the MCF since 2012. He serves on committees to advise and help develop projects. He also works for CIEE and donates what he earns from this job as an annual contribution to the Climate Change Fund. He collaborates with the MCF because he is interested in the projects and has confidence in the organization. He thinks that the MCF manages its resources well to help the community. 

Tel. 2645-7043

Montana Coffee Traders

Heather vrentas, general manager

Heather Vrentas, General Manager

"I want to help the community remain dynamic"

Montana Coffee Traders is a company in the United States created in 1981. The owners are Beth and R.C. Beall; Heather Vrentas is the General Manager. This company is a coffee roaster, wholesaler, and also operates a coffee shop in Montana.

It is a company that works hand in hand with sustainable development; they recycle, offer the coffee waste to farmers for organic fertilizer, use a hybrid vehicle, and buy milk from local producers.

The company became a Community Fund donor in 2014. They sell Monteverde coffee and educate clients about this coffee because they want the community to remain dynamic.

Tel. 800-345-5282

Don Juan Tours

José cruz leitón, co-owner of don juan tours

José Cruz Leitón, co-owner of Don Juan Tours

"Thanks to the community, my business works"

José Cruz Leitón is a co-owner of the company Don Juan Coffee Tours. It is a company that produces coffee, chocolate, and sugar cane. Don Juan Tours provides a tour in which visitors can taste the coffee and chocolate and can mill sugar cane to drink the juice.

Don Juan Tours became a MCF collaborator in 2016. His project to contribute to the MCF is selling 6 types of coffee at a special price and donating a portion to the Environment Fund. He wants to contribute because his company is involved in the community and thanks to the community, his business works. 

Tel. 2645-7100 / 2645-6920

Inter-American Foundation

Ana carmona, local liaison for the iaf

Ana Carmona, local liaison for the IAF

"I want to help the communities that need it the most"

The Inter-American Foundation (IAF) is in Washington D.C. in the United States. Marcy Kelley is the country director and Ana Carmona has been the national liaison for Costa Rica since 2012. It is an independent government organization created in 1969 to help the communities with the greatest need. The IAF gives donations to help communities that have local projects.

The IAF made an important donation for the creation of the Monteverde Community Fund and a portion of this contribution was designated for community projects. 

Tel. 8328-6588 / 2275-8134

Life Monteverde

José luis vargas, manager

José Luis Vargas, Manager

"The MCF promotes mechanisms that distribute the benefits of tourism to more people in the zone"

The business Unión Varsan de Monteverde was created in 1989 and has two services: Café de Monteverde and Life Monteverde. Café de Monteverde is a coffee farm that provides guided tours for tourists and a coffee shop in Monteverde. Life Monteverde is an environmental education program with crops and animals to welcome students. The company has two certifications: Ecological Blue Flag (4 stars) and Friends of the Earth.

Unión Varsan de Monteverde has collaborated with the Monteverde Community Fund since 2014. They make annual donations, along with the company Montana Coffee Traders, and also help to organize walks and other activities to raise funds.

The company wants to collaborate because it is an excellent way to strengthen sustainability and environmental protection initiatives. It is also an opportunity to join together to do educational projects.

Tel. 2645-4326

Trapp Family Hotel

Andrés trapp, annelie hoepker and sigrid collado- sustainability team

Andrés Trapp, Annelie Hoepker and Sigrid Collado- Sustainability Team

"The MCF is an excellent tool for helping the community"

The Trapp Family Hotel is a family-owned business established in 1999.  It offers a full-service restaurant, 26 rooms and a staff of 16 local employees.  The hotel has earned 4 leaves in the CST certification program.

Co-owner Andrés Trapp works with his mother and two colleagues, Annelie and Sigrid, to strengthen internal and external sustainability practices.  This business has been a collaborator of the MCF for over a year, initially supporting the campaign to build mini-recycling centers, which are seen around town today.  Currently, the Trapp Family Hotel serves as an official donation collection site, inviting their guests to match contributions donated directly by the business.

The Trapp family wants to support its community. They believe the MCF is an excellent tool for the community as it is a serious organization and supports projects that are sustainable. Themes that interest the family include arts and culture, as they receive less attention at the national level, as well as the Bellbird Biological Corridor. 

Tel: 2431-0776 

Ocotea Tours & Transfers

Karen fallas monge, owner

Karen Fallas Monge, Owner

"I can pool my donations with others for greater impact in projects throughout the region"

Karen Fallas Monge is the owner and creator of Ocotea Tours & Transfers. The business was created in 2006 as a tourism transport service and expanded in 2008 as a tour operator. The family business employs 3 full-time staff and 30 contracted drivers and guides. Ocotea Tours has 4 leaves in the CST certification program.

Karen is a Board Member of the MCF and collaborates through the Travelers' Philanthropy Program. She invests through the MCF because she is committed to improving the general well-being and development of her community.

Tel: 8352-4302 

Mariposa Bed & Breakfast

Esteban vargas, co-owner

Esteban Vargas, Co-Owner

"It motivates me to collaborate with the community"

Esteban Vargas manages the Mariposa Bed & Breakfast with his mother. It is a family business created in 1995 with his parents.

Mariposa B&B has been a MCF collaborator since 1 year ago. Initially they made small donations and now they participate as a collection point for the Travelers’ Philanthropy program.

What motivates Esteban to contribute in this way is working with his community, helping local families, and protecting the environment.

Tel. 2645-5013

Cabañas Y Jardínes Los Pinos

Rafael arguedas, co-owner

Rafael Arguedas, Co-owner

"Because they enable us to develop our social responsibility program, which each and every one of us should do"

Rafael Arguedas is a co-owner of Cabañas y Jardínes Los Pinos. This family business was established in 1987 by Rafael's parents. Under his leadership, the business has expanded to include a staff of 12 and 15 separate cabins with a capacity for 60 visitors at any given time. The property includes 8 hectares of private reserve, 1.5 km of trails and a hydroponic garden which guests can visit.

The hotel has three separate sustainability certifications, including: 5 leaves in the CST program, the Ecological Blue Flag and the Seal of Sanitary Excellence.  Los Pinos has been a collaborator of the MCF since 2011 and currently supports it in various ways.  In addition to serving as a site for the community walking tour, the business also actively invites its guests to match business donations, which support a wide range of community projects. For Rafael, collaborating with the MCF is part of their social corporate responsability, one that he believes all of us should consider.

Tel: 8352-3416

Cala Lodge

Raquel sánchez y francisco castro, owners

Raquel Sánchez y Francisco Castro, Owners

"Because we also strive for holistic community development in Monteverde."

Raquel and Francisco created Cala Lodge in 2007. The hotel has 3 stars from the Costa Rica Tourism Board (ICT) and is in the process of gaining Certification for Sustainable Tourism (CST).

Cala Lodge has been a MCF contributor since 2013. They make extraordinary contributions to specific projects, like the mini recycling collection centers project and the wastewater project.

They have also been a collection site for the Travelers’ Philanthropy Program since 2014. Raquel’s motivation to collaborate with the MCF is a personal conviction to participate in holistic projects and contribute to the community.

Tel. 2645-5626

Engage Globally

Edible plant garden supported by engage globally

Edible plant garden supported by Engage Globally

"I like that the MCF helps the community have power"

Heather Heckel created Engage Globally in 2014 and is the director. It is an organization that helps develop projects created by communities and not the government, especially education and conservation projects.

Engage Globally became a MCF donor in 2015. They make small donations to help start conservation projects and also find other donors in the United States.

She wanted to be a donor because she likes that the foundation helps the community have power and meet sustainable goals. She also wants to contribute to the conservation of biodiversity in Monteverde.


Katy Vandusen

Katy vandusen

Katy VanDusen

"The MCF unites us all behind issues that affect the whole community."

Katy is a local resident, climate change activist and member of the MCF Board of Directors. She has been instrumental in establishing the Climate Change Fund, as well as mobilizing local stakeholders through research, educational events and action committees.

Katy emphasizes, "When we align our efforts toward a common purpose, we can reach goals we could not have met alone.  The most urgent challenge facing life on earth is climate change.  With the help of the Community Fund, we can respond creatively to make Monteverde resilient to climate change."


Plaza Monteverde

Walter chavarría loria, manager

Walter Chavarría Loria, Manager

"All areas are important for the community; one cannot exist without the others"

Walter is the manager of the condominium Plaza Monteverde since April 2012. When the Centro Comercial was created in Santa Elena 6 years ago, this management was created with the purpose of managing the common expenses of the renters of the units.

Plaza Monteverde has been a collaborator of MCF since it moved its office to the Centro Comercial. Plaza Monteverde provides the MCF and also the Community Library with nearly free space.

Walter helps the community in many ways; he is the president of the Board of Health and supports other local organizations. It is important to him to help his community and to him all areas (health, education, environment) are important for maintaining the wellbeing of the community. 

Sinwa Tours Dreams Tour Operator & Travel Organizer

Sindy brown, commercial director and co-owner

Sindy Brown, Commercial Director and co-owner

"We should support community projects through the contributions that we make to the MCF. We can only foster a holistic & sustainable destination together."

SinwaTours Dreams, is a family business founded in 2010 as Tour Operator & customized Travel Organizer. They promote sustainable practices that minimize negative impacts on the environment through high standards and policies, the programs of their suppliers, and activities. They guarantee excellent service for customers through packages focused on Conservation and Environmental Education that operate in harmony with the Sustainable Tourism.

Sindy Brown, commercial director and co-owner of SinwaTours, is an active member of the MCF. She, her husband, and daughter became Monteverde Community Fund donors in 2016. This family business is sure that their contributions help the development of the community.

Tel. 2645-6975 / 8839-6196

Pasión Costa Rica

Marcos méndez sibaja and susu gray, co-founders and managers of pasión costa rica

Marcos Méndez Sibaja and Susu Gray, co-founders and managers of Pasión Costa Rica

"The MCF enables us to support a diversity of community needs"

Pasión Costa Rica was founded in 2012 by Susu and Marcos as a way of combining efforts into to a family business.  Having traveled to 30 countries between the two of them, Susu and Marcos both believe strongly in putting themselves in the shoes of the traveler.  By doing this, they can provide the most personalized service, and help visitors make Monteverde a highlight of their trip in Costa Rica. 

When not providing naturalist guided tours in the beautiful forests of Monteverde, Susu and Marcos are involved in reforesting Marcos’ family farms in the lowlands, traveling, and raising their 2 young daughters. 

They feel supporting local efforts through the Monteverde Community Fund is an indispensable way of supporting a diversity of community needs.

Tel. 8304-7161

Iberoamerican Network Of Civic And Community Foundations

The network links community foundations across latin america and the iberian peninsula

The Network links Community Foundations across Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula

""We want active participation from the people in their communities, exercising their role as protagonists in deciding and building their own future.""


Founded in 2013,The Iberoamerican Network of Civic and Community Foundations is an alliance of Community Foundations throughout Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula.  Based in Brazil, it serves as a forum for dialogue and mutual support, facilitating the exchange of information, experience and expertise.  The Network seeks to strengthen the ability of Community Foundations to transform ther communities through local participation and empowerment.  The Monteverde Community Fund has been a member since 2016.

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