Integrated Solid Waste Management

Since 2012, the Commission on Integrated Solid Waste Management (COMIRES) has been working on an action plan focused on education, infrastructure and services in order to improve the management of solid waste in the Monteverde District. Two key challenges for COMIRES included general sanitation in the community and the 480 tons of recyclable material generated each year (28.7% of our total waste generation).

The top priority in the final months of 2014 was the construction of numerous recycling collection centers around the district. These mini-centers help diminish the amount of waste dispersed in our streets and rivers while also providing the general public greater access to monthly collections in the future.

Thanks to the efforts of the Municipal Council and other key contributions from community investors, 13 mini-centers have been constructed to date, and 4 more will be built during the first semester of 2015. 

Find more useful information about the mini-recycling centers and their use here

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