Allied Groups

The Monteverde Community Fund serves as a fiscal agent for local groups whose goals are consistent with our mission, but which lack legal status to receive funds.


The Commission for Climate Change Resilience in Monteverde (CORCLIMA) works to unite and enable Monteverde to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, capture carbon, and adapt to climate change. CORCLIMA grew out of the Monteverde Community Fund and is now a special commission of the Monteverde District Council with growing support from concerned citizens.  Following the National Strategy for Climate Change, CORCLIMA promotes renewable energy, low-emission transportation, ecologically-sound farming practices, reforestation, and the transformation of waste to resources.  In support of Costa Rica’s commitment to achieve carbon neutrality by 2021, Monteverde aims to be carbon negative, removing much more carbon from the atmosphere than is emitted. To this end, CORCLIMA is currently conducting inventories to measure both carbon emissions and sequestration. The National Office for Climate Change has declared the Monteverde District a pilot project for the nationwide carbon neutrality program. MCF, as a registered not-for-profit organization, serves as the fiscal agent for CORCLIMA, receiving and administering funds that allow it to carry out its activities.

Santa Elena Public Interactive Library

Santa Elena Public Interactive Library:  Long a dream of the local  community, the first Spanish-language public library in the Monteverde region opened its doors in 2015. Staffed by volunteers, the new library houses almost 4,000  books in a convenient central location just a few doors away from the MCF, attracting a regular flow of children and adults.   The Santa Elena Public Library  is recognized as a commission by the Monteverde District Council, although it receives no funding from government.  , All support goes through  MCF which serves as fiscal agent for the group, channeling donations earmarked for library use.  

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