Environmental Portfolio

Wastewater Treatment And Alternative Energy Production

Parents, staff members and students of the Santa Elena Public High School, with the technical support of environmental engineers, will install a biodigestor system for the high school’s dairy and pig farm, which is located next to a tributary of the Guacimal River. The purpose of this system is to more effectively treat wastewater from current agricultural activities and to generate methane gas that can be used in the teaching kitchen of their Food Services Program.

Protecting Community Water Supply

The Santa Elena Rural Aqueduct Association (ASADA) will work with hydrologic engineers to delineate the recharge area of the “Torres Spring” in Los Llanos and organize local leaders and surrounding landowners to collectively define a Management Plan. The proposed study and planning process, which represent the first phase of a larger initiative, will lead to pro-active conservation actions that will protect this important new supply of drinking water for the community.

Animal Spay & Neuter Campaigns

This group of devoted volunteers will work to establish a non-profit association dedicated to the well-being of domestic animals, conduct a baseline study on the number of stray and un-castrated animals in area neighborhoods, develop educational materials, organize a campaign to spay and neuter a minimum of 50 cats and dogs, and place a small number of unclaimed animals in foster care. The project aims to reduce the overall number of stray animals and their pressure on local wildlife, as well as increase consciousness regarding the proper care of animals.

Community Recycling Program

The top priority in the final months of 2014 was the construction of numerous recycling collection centers around the district. These mini-centers help diminish the amount of waste dispersed in our streets and rivers while also providing the general public greater access to monthly collections in the future. Thanks to the efforts of the Municipal Council and other key contributions from community investors, 19 mini-centers have been constructed to date. See More

Rainwater Capture System

By installing a rainwater harvesting system in the area of its school and administrative offices, the Centro de Educación Creativa (CEC) expects to reduce its total annual water consumption  by 35%, increase awareness of its student population about the importance of conserving water and inspire other agencies in the community to install similar systems.

Native & Edible Plants Garden

This project of the Guacimal Elementary School aims to tap into the cultural and environmental values inherent in agriculture, encourage healthy eating habits and pass on traditional rural culture.

Municipal Plan For Wastewater Management

The Special Municipal Commission will define a baseline of the cultural, social and environmental factors related to wastewater management in the Monteverde District, in order to develop a Strategic Plan for Integrated Wastewater Management (2017-2022).

Solar Electric Panels

The Santa Elena Interactive Public Library installed a solar panel system to provide necessary lighting and electricity. The library was able to increase its operating hours, at the same time setting an example of sustainable development and serve as a source of educational material about the use of renewable resources.

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