Monteverde Costa Rica

Our Region

Monteverde, Costa Rica is:

  • A unique landscape with a diversity of rich tropical forests;
  • An international community that mixes different cultures, values and experiences through art, education and recreation; and
  • A pioneering economic zone that seeks a balance between progress and sustainability.

Brief History

Monteverde, Costa Rica encompasses a unique set of environmental, political and socio-economic factors. A successful conservation campaign led by local residents and visiting scientists through the 1990s resulted in the largest complex of private reserves in Central America. Monteverde’s forests, including unique and threatened cloud forests, draw visitors from all over the world, making tourism the region’s principal economic activity.

Current Landscape

This relatively isolated region receives over 150,000 visitors annually and is inhabited by a mere 6,000 individuals who have worked together to establish: 14 educational centers; a diversity of small action committees, community groups and non-profit associations; a chamber of tourism; over 130 businesses; and recent status as an autonomous municipal district. In their efforts to simultaneously balance social welfare, economic development and environmental conservation, these entities must continually adapt their methods, innovate new strategies and collaborate more effectively. 

Looking Forward

Recent participatory initiatives organized by community leaders have enabled local residents and institutions to democratically define a clear set of development and conservation goals for the next decade. Click here to learn how the Monteverde Community Fund helps to convert these opportunities into realities.

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