Thematic Foci

It is extremely important for us to be relevant to the needs of our community.  The tables below represent the priority issues identified by local stakeholders through participatory processes such as the Three-wattled Bellbird Biological Corridor Strategic Plan (2011-2016), the Human Development Plan: Monteverde Municipal District (2010-2020), and the Chamber of Tourism Strategic Plan: Developing Monteverde as a Sustainable Tourism (2009-2014). These areas of focus represent our priorities for funding and technical assistance in 2013.

 Projects eligible for the SGP or TAP incorporate one of the following areas of sustainability. Additionally, all projects must demonstrate how they will address one of the specified goals, using at least one of the defined indicators.


Environmental Conservation

 Objective: Protect and restore the ecological processes that sustain biodiversity and provide environmental services to existing and future generations.



Increase habitat connectivity that is critical to the migration of flora and fauna

  • # of planted trees
  • # of animal crossings installed
  • # or % of hectares of protected or restored forests

Increase forest cover in riparian zones and/or groundwater recharge areas (springs and wells)

  • # or % of hectares of protection zones restored (reforested or stabilized)
  • # or % of hectares of protection zones protected with fences or other best practices

Restore aquatic habitats

  • Water flow (m3/second)
  • Evaluation index of aquatic habitat

Reduce the net consumption of water

  • Liters or cubic meters of water saved

Reduce the volume or concentration of contaminants discharged to rivers though point and non-point sources

  • Reduced liters or cubic meters of wastewater
  • Reduced ppm, mg/l or other measurement of nitrates, phosphates or other sediments

Improve the viability of a threatened community or species population (flora or fauna)

  • Total or relative abundance of population representatives, guild or taxonomic groups increased

Reduce the impact of invasive/exotic species

  • # of removed or sterilized invasive species

Improve the management of solid waste

  • kg, tons or % of solid waste reduced, treated locally or recovered

Reduce the quantity of discharged atmospheric contaminants (air quality or greenhouse effect)

  • Reduced tons of CO2, CH4 or O3
  • Reduced ppm of fine particulates

Reduce net energy consumption

  • Reduction of electricity consumed (Kwh)
  • Reduction of hydrocarbons consumed (liters)
  • Reduction of firewood burned (kilograms or hours/day)

Social & Cultural Development

 Objective: Promote opportunities to improve the quality of life and social equity in our region.



Increase recreational opportunities and access to green spaces

  • # or % of people with greater opportunities for recreation and physical activity
  • # of programs or spaces created for recreation

Increase opportunities for, and participation in, the arts

  • # or % of people involved in the arts

Improve public health

  • # or % of incidences of cardiovascular disease, diabetes or obesity
  • # or % of people that improve their nutrition or food security (*Using established indexes)
  • # of available opportunities for residents to improve their levels of stress, mental health or occupational health (*Requires a corresponding measurement)

Reduce and prevent substance abuse

  • Reduced # or % of population that abuse substances

Improve public safety

  • Reduced # or % of incidences of crime/violence
  • Reduced # or % of interfamilial violence or sexual abuse
  • Meters or kilometers of pedestrian pathways created or improved

Increase the organizational, leadership and civic participation capacities of traditionally marginalized groups

  • # of community-based groups, groups or individuals applying acquired knowledge in civic processes

Increase the administrative capacities of organizations or community-based groups

  • # of community-based organizations, groups or individuals applying acquired knowledge about administration, project management, communication or other relevant theme

Increase conflict management skills

  • # of resolved conflicts or decisions taken in a participative manner via constructive dialogue

Improve communication and cooperation between organizations

  • # of media developed for community benefit
  • # of networks or alliances developed between groups, organizations and government entities

Increase available opportunities for people with special needs

  • # or % of people with special needs involved in regular programs
  • # or % of installations that comply with Law 7600

Intelligent Economy

 Objective: Promote a responsible, diversified and stable economy through mutual cooperation, development of knowledge and skills, and the application of good practices.



Increase the capacity of entrepreneurs, small businesses (MiPyMEs) and local producers to develop their product, service or business by applying good practices

  • # of people applying acquired knowledge in processes of market analysis, financing/credit, administration, accounting, human resource management, legal compliance, clean production or quality control
  • # of new start-ups, products or services developed
  • # or % of new jobs created
  • Reduced % of unemployment

Increase the ability of entrepreneurs, small businesses and local producers to reduce their environmental impact or better their social impact through changes in their operation

  • # of businesses with a new program, project or practice that improves their environmental and social impact (*Requires a complementary environmental or social indicator)
  • # or % of businesses with CST, Rainforest Alliance or Ecological Blue Flag certification

Strengthen the linkages between local producers and consumers

  • # of new businesses working together

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